Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Revisting my Christopher Pauchay Stand

The reactions to my post on Christopher Pauchay have been interesting. Most everybody think I'm off my rocker for having compassion for the man.I understand those who hold Puachay in contempt, I would have been first in line to throw stones at the man not too long ago. I've had a change of heart though over the past while. I'll try to explain myself a little better.

Pauchay's negligence was criminal and must be addressed. A civilized society can not tolerate his actions. Even though I'm a sworn Apolitico, I still swing way to the right. People have to be accountable for their actions and lives.

My compassion is centered on the person Christopher Pauchay. What brought him to the point of losing common sense? To be able to drink two pints of Vodka and several beers, the guy ahd to be a seasoned drinker. Even in my days as a drunk I never came close to consuming that much poison. I would have been face down on a carpet somewhere after a binge like that. . I wouldn't be able to find my feet let alone two kids. Why would someone even want to drink that much? No, there was/is something deeper than the horrendous events that saw two precious babies perish in a frozen hell. I believe the man must be punished for his crimes but I can't bring myself to judge him for his sins. That doesn't make me special, it just means that by the grace of God I didn't kill any innocent people while I was steeped in foolishness.


Kathy said...

I understand what you are saying. I think you are being the way Jesus would have been.

This makes me think of something else that I'd like to tell you, but it might be too long for the comment section. I may email you and tell you about it if that's okay.

Pilgrim said...

By all means Kathy, I'd love to hear from you....

Sian said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
We can't judge him and the reality is that there is no difference between sinners of any kind. We all grieve God be it gossip, adultery or murder.

But while I know there is no difference between that man and myself, I still can't say "poor thing"

Cliff said...

The only difference between "us" and "them" is we are forgiven.

Melanie said...

It is a heart wrenching story no matter whom it affects...the children, the mother, the family, the man.

Michelle said...

I have an award for you on my page

stacys1175 said...

just wanted to stop by and say hi:)I read your post and I really can't comment because I don't know who Christopher Pauchay is.(sorry) and I kind of feel stupid for not knowing who he is. anyway hope things are going good with you and your family and have a good day :)

Anonymous said...

I have compassion for the man, he has a terrible thing to live with. I know first hand how alcohol can affect you and what too much can do, blacking out, sleeping memory loss. I just thank the gods everyday that when I was at my worst, I was not Christopher Pauchay. It could have been me and Jan 29, was my sobering moment.

Anonymous said...

I have an 8 month old son. I have done things in my life that I regret and wish I had never done. I am not without sin. However, the moment you become a parent, you must become a bigger and better person. Life is more than who you are.

Your compassion, your sorrow, your heartfelt forgiveness for this man is astounding. All I can think about is how even on a cool fall evening, in my house my child would be wearing more than a t-shirt and diaper.

To be wearing so little inside a house on an evening where temperatures dropped to -58 degrees(albeit with windchill) is a wanton act of child neglect and abuse. It is an indication of how these children lived. Imagine what those children had to bear witness to as their father consumed more alcohol than I would have thought humanly possible. It takes YEARS of self abuse to be able to drink those amounts and remain in a semi conscious state. This was not one mistake, this just happened to be the biggest one he made.

You can forgive the fact that he made 'a terrible mistake' and his children died, however what horrors were those children exposed to in their everyday life?

My baby gets scared sometimes when he wakes up alone at night, or gets upset if his diaper has leaked, or a loud noise may startle and scare him. These kids wandered around, in the freezing wind, numb from the cold and exhaustion of trying to follow the only 'father' they knew. They froze. They suffered. They were probably scared to death, cried and wanted nothing more than to be in the safe arms of someone who would put the children's needs above their own. Regardless of the fact that they do you forgive a man who continually abuses his own flesh and blood...hurting the most innocent of all innocence?

Do you think he learned his lesson? Well in today's photo of him attending court, he is wearing a t-shirt with a skull on it. What a loser.

Cpongratulations on having so much compassion and forgiveness for this man. Perhaps you trust him enough to babysit your own child or take care of your aging mother or father.

I am posting this as annonymous only because I don't have a google address and have no interest whatsoever in whatever gibberish you may have in response to my post.

Anonymous said...

You people are pathetic!!! Especially YOU Anonymous, one who makes broad assumptions about someone with absolutely no evidence to support them.
First, Pilgrim, before you go posting your theories why not try doing some research?? That goes for everyone!!! Have you ever lived on a Native Reserve such as the Yellow Quill? Have you ever lived in ANY environment like it? If not, and if you haven't done any real research on it then you have no right making any assumptions or theories about the people there. Pilgrim you say "Pauchay's negligence was criminal and must be addressed. A civilized society can not tolerate his actions." This comment just proves you STILL don't even know the facts of this case!!! Pauchay's actions were NOT negligent!! he was trying to seek help for one of his daughters. You say society can not tolerate his actions... So society can not tolerate a father seeking help for a child who needs it???? I say society can not tolerate people like you who make snap judgments without facts. If you knew the facts Pilgrim you would know there is another who holds blame here. That is the MOTHER of the children. SHE is the one who neglected those kids. Even her own brother and family admit it. She would leave the children home with the father all day and night to go drinking and getting drunk with friends and who knows what else. Her own family has stated in the news that if she had not walked out of the home that night then those children may well be alive today.
Now, Anonymous... were you THERE??? Do you know exactly what was going on? Your post proves you don't!!! You don't even know the basic facts of the case. You jump on Pauchay because his kids were "wearing so little inside a house on an evening where temperatures dropped to -58 degrees(albeit with windchill)" and say it is "a wanton act of child neglect and abuse." Here's a little bit of education for you Anonymous... it was NOT -58 inside the house!!!! It wasn't even -50 outside. It was -30 outside, the WINDCHILL was -50. Learn something about weather and temperature patterns before you try to look like some kind of expert. Pauchay did indeed have heating in his home. When my kids were that young they too would run around with a diaper and a t-shirt on even when it was -20 outside. You know why? CAUSE THE INSIDE OF THE HOUSE IS HEATED!!!!!!! Children love to run around in just a diaper. It's NATURAL, it is NOT neglect or abuse!!!!
You ask "Imagine what those children had to bear witness to as their father consumed more alcohol than I would have thought humanly possible." How do you know how much alcohol he consumed??? You DON'T because it has NEVER been published!!!!! What did those children bear witness to??? You don't know because you weren't there and you don't even know the man or his family!!!!! It has been widely published by both Pauchay's family AND the mother's family and many others in their community that Chris was a great and loving father who doted on his children and did everything he could to make sure they were healthy and happy. You insinuate some kind of abuse because Pauchay drank. You are dead wrong in assuming this!!! Not all people who drink are violent or abusive. My father was an alcoholic and he was an awesome father and husband. I have known others who drink who are the same.
You state this was not one mistake, just the biggest mistake he made. Again, HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!
You then state "what horrors were those children exposed to in their everyday life". Again, YOU WERE NOT THERE AND KNOW NOTHING SO STOP WITH THE BULLCRAP ASSUMPTIONS!!!!!!!!
You state "kids wandered around, in the freezing wind, numb from the cold and exhaustion of trying to follow the only 'father' they knew". Again you are WRONG!!!!!! For goodness sake do some frikin research before you start spouting your vile venom!!!!!!!!!! Chris was trying to seek help for one of his daughters!!!!!!! He did indeed put his children's needs above his own!!!! He risked his life to seek help for his child!!!!!!!!!
Then you state "how do you forgive a man who continually abuses his own flesh and blood...hurting the most innocent of all innocence". Again, STOP THE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know absolutely NOTHING about this case or the people involved!!!!!! If you did then you would not have posted any of this filthy, vile garbage!!!!!!! Chris Pauchay NEVER abuse his children. He NEVER hurt them!!! Again, his family, the children's mother's family, and many in the community have all said he was a wonderful father!!!! BUT, the MOTHER was the one who neglected the family!!!!!
You call Chris a loser because he wore a skull T-shirt in court. BIG FRIKIN DEAL!!!!!! Did you even stop to think that that was the shirt he was wearing when they took him to jail and was the only shirt he had for court??? Did you stop to think he lives on one of the poorest Native Reserves in Canada and can't afford anything better than a T-shirt with a skull on it???? Based on your entire post NO you obviously didn't think and I would bet you rarely do.
You give this lame bullcrap excuse for posting Anonymous and state you have no interest in any gibberish response... I am betting you posted Anonymous because you are a gutless, hateful, coward who enjoys posting garbage but can't handle the truth that will indeed slap you back in your face.

I see a lot of posters here who seem to be of Christian faith, mentioning forgiveness and compassion, and prayers.... Instead of all that stuff why don't you all do the RIGHT thing by Chris and do some actual research on the case before you go posting crap about it.

Anonymous said...

PappaJohn....Could you read what I put on the original thread? I think that you are really angry, but you are not talking with all the facts either. I have lived on very remote reserves. I have Aboriginal children from an Aboriginal husband. Yes, there are other people who share responsibility here but ultimatley they weren't with those people (mother) that night. I am a single parent now, and don't do things like this and say the father should have been there.

In any case, using the place he came from and the life he lived as an excuse is almost more racist than anything anyone else said. A white person would never have such allowances made for them, especially considering all the other things I already pointed out in my other posts. By saying that these should be allowance for him is like saying he shouldn't be expected to be capable of any better. That is what makes it sound more racist than anything anyone else said.

Anonymous said...

Another point to PapaJohn.....You talked about how the community said the mother was the one to blame for neglect and abuse, and not the father. You said they all say he was a "wonderful father". I don't doubt their sincerity, but I also think that people have different ideas of what makes a good father. My sister in law abandoned her children with her mother on a norther reserve the Christmas of 2007, and hasn't been home since. She's off working to drink, and living her non-working weeks drinking etc. However, wheneever she buys some presents or sends some money she's a "good mother". I've seen this again and again. As long as you are paying, then you are a good parent. It is supposed to be overlooked that by drinking constantly around your children, this is a form of abuse and neglect without ever laying an angry hand of the child. I doubt the father ever hit his children, but I sincerely doubt the same could be said about their mother. Again, based on my experiences.....

Anonymous said...

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