Thursday, February 14, 2008

Follow-up to Sorrowful Rant

Thanks all fro the comments on the Sorrowful Rant post. Generally I write at least one psot a night. The number of drafts far outnumber the published posts that appear on this page. I was hesitant to post the Sorrowful Rant post as I felt it was a bit too acidic. After reading the comments I'm glad I published it. Now that I've had a day to relax, reflect and read your comments I would like to follow up as I need to explain further. I don't want to leave the impression that I'm bitter and ready to shoot birds at the institution of organized religion.

JC Freak is absolutely correct that we have to love the judgemental souls who are isolating those that need Jesus. Transgression is transgressiona and we have to love unconditionally.

If I may I'd like to bend your minds a bit and venture out a little further at the risk of offending absolutely everyone who stops by this page. As always I'm open to feedback no matter whether you agree or not. I love to chew on this stuff.

The following is in response to Kathy's second comment on Sorrowful Rant about sinners flaunting their sin. I had a similar conversation with a friend last night. The point as I understood both is that we should not celebrate sinful acts such as gossiping, sexual immoratily, witchcraft, idolatry etc, etc. I agree. Here comes the mind bending part.

On January 28, I posted Camping Out, a piece about being outside of God's blessing after transgressing. Miriam was sent outside the camp for seven days after slandering Moses' wife.

When we sin we are put outside of God's blessing we find ourselves in a chaotic state. Being outside of God's blessing we are open to curses, sickness and diesease. All symptoms of chaos. Matthew 12:43-45 talks about demns returning to the orignal house and finding it swept clean and unattended returning with seven more demons more wicked than itself. We open ourslves to this attack when outside of God's blessing.

There is no joy in sinning. Walking outside of God's plan opens us to chaos. It doesn't mean we are not saved, it means we are left ot our own devices. God desires order. When we wlalk in God's plan, His teaching and insturction, keeping our eyes on Him we achieve order. But we can't achieve order without Jesus because we are human. I don't believe adulterers enjoy committing adultery. I don't believe you will ever find one child molester who feels complete within themselves.

I know the struggles I am challenged with, have been all my life. I've tried everything to overcome them and I keep coming back time and time again. It wansn't until I started to understand that I am powerless to overcome the sin in my life. I realized that's what Jesus did on the cross. I finally understood what humility is. I cry out to Jesus when temptations start eating at me. When I hear a juicy piece of gossip I hang my head and ask for power from Jesus to keep me from repeating it. Sometimes pride sneaks up on me. When I am fully under the blessing I recognize it from far off and begin my ritual of asking for strength and protection.

There is no celebration in sin. It's ugly. If people tell you they enjoy living under the chaotic state they are being dishonest with you and themselves. They are headed for destruction and they know it. If it's not apparent immediately it will become so rather quickly. You can't have an affair on you spouse and not feel repercussions from it. There is no joy in slamming someone else. There is no satisfaction in telling lies or stealing. Any satisfaction is fleeting and hollow.

Don't take my word on this, pray aobut it. Ask the LORD for the truth. I desperately want to know more abut walking in God's teaching and instruction. I want to get the word out to the church to stop the suffering. I desire more than anything to share with brothers and sisters in Christ. I desire order.


Anonymous said...

Alow yourself to be touched by my Noodly Appendage...

Melanie said...

Very interesting. Pride is the ugly culprit that lurks in our lives that causes us to be judgmental. Pride blinds and you will do things you never thought possible. The best remedy is to remain humble.

Liquid said...

".....My wish for you is to have no regrets as you wander and sometimes stumble throughout your life. That you create the ability to pause and to feel, the delicacy in moments, allowing each to tickle the palate of your imagination. I pray that the ebb and the flow guide you safely, with both comfort and with grace, through each delicious step you take...."

Anonymous said...

The problem with the church is bleeding heart liberals like you. You wolves in sheeps clothing are poisoning the waters with your soft talk and sinister motives. If you don't feel comfortable in the church it's probably because you are under conviction.

Run to the altar fella, you need Jesus more than you know.

Pilgrim said...

Whoa Annonymous are you flirting with me? Although I'm flattered I am a happily married man.

I've been called many things in my life but liberal? You really know who to hurt a guy.

Thanks for the comment anyway, I love to hear from everybody, bleeding heart that I am. Opposing views are welcome. Please drop by again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right in one area. I need Jesus more than I can ever know. We all do. Although I have never put much stock in any anonymous comments, he is bang with that one. The rest of his comments I said, I dont put much thought in anonymous.

Jesus Freak

Pilgrim said...

I've been doing some research for Minimalist Mommy, seeing as she's getting paid to blog now. There was a podcast I plugged into on increasing readership and one comment was you haven't arrived until you have someone who takes offense to what your write and then stalks you. I've had other dissenting views before on other blogs (also Annonymous, hmmm) but they don't seem to stick around. Hopefully this Annonymous will, I really want some challenges. I just hope they lay off the liberal remarks, that's simply not nice.