Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Night Video's - Boo Boo's

Sting is another one of my top 10 artisits. While I've always enjoyed I Hung My Head, video below, it really hit home recently when I heard Johnny Cash's versio As I get older I appreciate lyrics more and more, thus my appreciation for Gordon Lightfoot. The guy isn't that great a singer but man is he an amazing lyricist and song writer. Anyway, I Hung my Head's lyrics jumped out as a metaphor to so many gaffs I've made in my life. While I've never picked off a lone rider with a 30.6, I have made some serious errors in judgment in my life. Momentary lapes of sheer stupidity. Like my mother always said, "PIlgrim" a long pause "just because you look dumb, doesn't mean your'e not!" and then walk away shaking her head. OK so my mother never really said that or anything like it but it's a really good dramatic effect.

Seriously, this song sums up in a dramatically effective manner as most good songs and stories do, the times I have done dumb things that at first seemed innocent but resulted in serious consequences. What I really appreciate about the song is the storyteller's reactions and remorse. He realizes he did something seriously wrong. Give it a listen and let me know if it gets you the same way it gets me.

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Mantle said...


Couldn't agree more about the song. I first heard it through Johnny's version. I still remember the first time I heard "hurt" on an episode of smallville, that was the beginning of my love for the man in black!

Have you heard Johnny's cover of Lighfoot's "If you could read my mind"? If not check it out..