Friday, February 1, 2008

Thinking Bloggers Award

This award comes from a very good blogging friend who has stuck with me theough three iterations of blogs. I enhoy her posts, the e-mail I receive almost daily and her friendship on Facebook. I really appreciate the support Sindi has afforded me ove rthe past few months. This award means a lot Sindi, especially the comments that went with it.


Cliff said...

Well, whoever you are today, your blog in whatever form has been very thought provoking.

You definitely deserve the award.

Stylin said...

I am laughing at WIXY' s comment!!
You deserve the award

Kathy said...


Pilgrim said...

I got a kick out of WIXY'x comment too.

I'm worse than David Bowie. For my next persona with a Biblical flair, allow me to introduce Zechariah Stardust and the Thin White Luke.

Anonymous said...

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