Saturday, January 12, 2008

Award - Thank you Liquid

This award comes from a blogger for whom I have more respect and admiration than words are able to describe. The fact that Liquid ever thought to nominate me leaves me completely humbled but absolutely honored.

I am passing this award on to five bloggers whose writings inspire me and give me strength. They are either primarily Faith based or include enough Faith based posts that look to them for growth.

In keeping with the guidelines of the award, here are three descriptors that I consider key to powerful writing. Honesty, Humility and Honor.

Here's how the award works:

Distribute this award to those people who have blogs we love and can’t live without, blogs where the writing is good and powerful. I thought interested members could kick things off by publishing the award on their own blog, naming five people they would like to give it to, and accompany the image with three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful. The recipients then do the same, passing it on to five other people, and so on.”


Mantle said...

Thanks Pilgrim (do you still go by that?). I appreciate your including my name in the list of people whose blogs you read. I am thankful for all your encouragement.

Sian said...

Wow, thank you so much! But I'm not a faith writer y'know...just a christian that spins :)But thank you anyway friend

Warren Peace said...

Sian, youre faith speaks out louder than you realize.

Mantle you can call me anything you are the inspiration for Peace of My Mind. BTW I'm going to respond to your comment on the Hebrew mindset in an upcoming post. Loved the comment.

Frasypoo said...

And the last post I did was about a murdering old man !!!!
You are too kind,Thankyou