Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hebrew Mindset and Rabbinic Judaism

The study is based upon a Hebrew mindset versus a Greek mindset. When I talk about Hebrew, people, especially Christians start to think Judaism. It's not Judaism, there is a difference. I have nothing against Judaism, I believe we have as much to learn from our Jewish brethren as they have to learn from us. For the purposes of this blog, I define Judaism as Rabbinic Judaism. Rabbinic Judaism is based upon the Torah, the first five books of the Bible and the Tanak (Ta-knock), also known as the Old Testament. Rabbinic Judaism also follows the Talmud which is a commentary of rules and rituals openly accepted as being written by men (as opposed to being inspired by the Holy Spirit). The Talmud is similar to the Catholic church's Cannons and the many charters followed by the myriad of Protestant denominations.

Hebrew on the other hand is the language of God. Hebrew means to cross over. Abraham crossed over from paganism to follow Yahweh (Note: whenever you see the LORD in your Bibles, LORD all caps, substitute Yahweh or YHVH. Most English translations have replaced Yahweh with the LORD). The Israelites crossed over the Red Sea to escape slavery and bondage to go to the promised land,. Christians cross over from a life in the the "world" to a life in the spirit or from death to life.
The Tanak or Old Testament was written in Hebrew. Jesus, His disciples, the writers of the Gospels, Paul were all Hebrew speaking Jews. Aramaic was a trade language used widely across different regions. The writers first language was Hebrew.

This study is about the Hebrew approach to the Bible versus a Greek approach.


Liquid said...

Fascinating study I'll bet. Growing up in a Christian home as a child I knew nothing about other religions. It was my move to Miami, Florida and getting engaged to a great guy who was Jewish, conservative, from Brooklyn, NY, that I learned much of the traditions, the writings and the balance of daily life of such religion. You can imagine how hungry one is when they realize how differently people can, and do, relate to God.

I'll be back to check in more often!

Kathy said...

This is going to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have already learned something. I though hebrew was a home made wine making kit :)

Teach on brother, looking forward to it.

Stylin said...

Looking forward to the other posts

Sindi said...

I liked this post a lot. I like to learn and you have taught me something new. Thanks:)