Monday, January 21, 2008


One of my favourite principles is that love is a verb. Love is an action not a thing. When you love someone you do something for them. You my friends left the most motivating comments and e-mail and I consider that doing something. Thank you. I hope I didn't mislead though. The past few weeks were tough and forced some growing but not it was a good tough and wonderful growth. Not a going to the dentist to pull a cavity type of tough but a going to the gym to improve yourself kind of tough.

When you wake up the day after a brutal work out and every major and supporting muscle in the area you worked screams out letting you know your work out was successful, it's an awesome feeling. I love that feeling. I felt the same way when my errors were being played out in front of me. I'm not thrilled that a friend lost their job but I am doing my best to show that individual love by helping to organize grocery purchases with other friends and calling in favours to get Chum interviews for a new job. Who knows they will probably end up in a better role than the one they left behind

Nay, I am anything but in the doldrums. If anything I am closer to the LORD than ever. I have grown in my ability to examine my ways. New habits are being formed and old ones are dropping away. Glory be to the LORD Jesus who is is my God and Saviour.

Thank you all. John the Baptist was fed by the birds and Pilgrim was edified by his blogging buddies. OK, maybe not the best analogy, I'm a long way from the desert but you get my drift.

Bless you all.


Anonymous said...

I know the situation, and I'm confused.

Pilgrim said...

Coma sta ese.

Don't look too deep, as you know I can't give out details as those we do not speak of may be ready to pounce.

Hopefully readers outside the situation are understanding.

Kathy said...

So glad you're growing stronger through the situations life throws your way. You must be doing something right to be having these growing pains.

Michelle said...

Kathy hit it right on. Over the past few years I found inner strenghth I didn't know I had. The growing pains hurt like ou wouldn't know and I still feel some of them. I was always told not to worry about what others think just be yourself and everything will be fine.

Liquid said...

"No pain, no gain" right?
You are truly a blessing to those who know you.

Cliff said...

The one set of footprints was where He carried you.

Stylin said...

I was going to come here and apologise for not keeping up as I am always running and I am so glad I did!!!
I love that achy feeling not a lot but just a little bit of feeling sore.
Any recommendations for fit arms....not the crazy types but arms with slight definitions

Pilgrim said...

You make me smile Frass. Have I got arm work outs? You betchya.

Check and search for arm work outs and you will get a whack of info. The key to any exercises is form. Don't get silly with the amount of weight, keep it light but be strict with form. Form will get the results you want without causing debilitating injuries. To tone, use light weights and lots and lots of repetitions. Finally be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day and they're still paving the streets. There's not get fit quick solution.

Look at me! A post within a post!

Cliff said...

Oh I know you don't like memes, but I've tagged you anyway brother.

Stylin said...

Thanks,that helps !!I go crazy with the weights and bulk up!!!
Will check out that website