Monday, September 29, 2008

Kyle Schmyle

Before I went to bed, around 11:00 PM Atlantic Time, (12:30 Eastern) Kyle was at hurricane strength in the Atlantic just off New York. It was still tracking to hit New Brunswick around midnight. Locally we were warned to have flashlights, batteries and fresh water stored up and prepare for flooding, downed trees, damaged roofs etc.

As a last minute precaution I ran out to double check the tarp covering the makeshift tent/carport we store our wood in (for winter heating). A fine rain was falling but was it ever coming down. In the 90 seconds I was outside I was drenched. It wasn't a driving rain but it was wetter than your average rain.

As I write at 4:30 AM, my normal rise and shine time, I Googled Hurricane Kyle. The latest news result, 48 minutes ago, gives me a report from the Hurricane Center in Miami. Kyle has made landfall, and has been downgraded from a Tropical Storm. I guess this makes Kyle sad in a near Equator way. He is or is in a Tropical Depression. Poor Kyle. Maybe that accounts for all the rain, he's sad. Anyway TDK, as those most familiar with him will now refer to him has slowed his progress down to a crawl but apparently is still providing 60 mph winds with gusts up to 70 or 80. (120 kph). Sounds more fierce in metric doesn't it?

From this Bloggers seat there's no wind right now just the same misty rain. There's lots of it though. The low areas in the back yard are under water, a little more than normal in torrential downpour, like the ones we've grown accustomed to this year.

Anyway, Pilgrim and family are dry and secure with lights and a roof overhead. Nothings blown away and all the trees are where we left them before the Sandman hearkened. I'm grateful that Kyle gave me enough material to fill two posts.

Until next time I remain,



Cliff said...

I learned a couple of weeks ago that you take no hurricane lightly. We got some strong effects from Ike here in Ohio.

So I guess this Kyle was about as dangerous as the two Kyles-Busch and Petty-in NASCAR yesterday.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear all of you are fine. We got wind and rain from Ike similiar to what you descibed.

Kathy said...

I'm so glad you are back to blogging! I've missed you! I've kinda slacked lately myself.

Pilgrim said...

Thank yo Cliff and Michelle. Thankfully Kyle was a dud when it hit our area.

Thank you for the kind words Kathy. I'm looking forward to visiing again.

Liquid said...

Ah, my friend!
You have been missed.

Grateful that you and yours are safe and sound.

Anxiously awaiting your next post.