Friday, March 28, 2008

Denial Above the 49th Paralell

Although most of my Canadian brethren and sisteren will never admit it, Canada is a very willing Annex of the United States. We are more than just culturally aligned we are melded right in. We may have a slight taste of our British foundation in the way we spell some words and the pronunciation of the last letter of the alphabet (zed as opposed to zee) and some other pleasant nuances but there's not enough to make us distinct. The differences are not as drastic as say the cultural differences between California and New York. Let's face it we are one and we love it.
This was supposed to be a preamble to a completely different post but it took on a life of it's own.
In closing I want to ensure everyone knows I love you all equally.


Sian said...

Well, I guess you would know (being Canadian and all that) but I've always thought that you have a very distinct culture to the US. As you know I am Welsh and we have a very distinct culture from the other countries in Britain even, not to mention a unique language.
I celebrate that difference but I realise that we are all equally worth while at the same time... And we love you lots too.

Liquid said...