Tuesday, December 18, 2007


How good is the LORD? I don't have the time to recount His mercy. Two of my biggest struggles are with pride and fear. As I study, pray and learn simple truths become so evident. Truths were recently demonstrated for me like a drama before my eyes. I was actually a main character in the production. I learned first hand what why acting in fear is so destructive. I witnessed the demise of an institution that was once strong and mighty. It dissolved like a sand castle in the surf in a few swift gentle waves. Before anyone knew it our work of many months was a heap on the ground.
In His infinite mercy he picked me up and showed me the errors that were occurring. I stopped short of pointing an accusing finger because I saw myself to a lesser degree in the mix. God's teaching and instruction is not intended to make our lives miserable. The world, even the church in some circumstances would lead us to believe this. God's ways are bondage and oppression. In reality the gift Jesus gave us unlocks so many freedoms, mortal minds can't begin to comprehend.
He helped me comprehend some of His truths over the past two weeks. I stood nodding affirmation understanding the cause and effect of our actions. Follow self serving means and watch chaos ensue. Follow God's teaching and instruction through the power of Jesus, the incarnate WORD and realize blessings.
How great is our God.

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Kathy said...

Hi Warren, our God truly is great! It sounds like you are in the process of learning many things right now. God's blessings!